Sharon’s Story


“I have been coming to Faith Mulira Healthy Care Centre for 3 years now, am a mother of three, one boy and two girls now. I started coming to Faith Mulira Healthy Care Centre for maternity when I was 3 months pregnant of my second born and I really appreciated the services. It was because of the attention and care I got that I was forced to come back still and have my third born called Mukisa Shalom from here and this has now turned into my family clinic because I treat all my children from Mulira and this free immunization service has really worked for me and the love and care that I get whenever I come to the healthy centre.

I have to admit the truth is that I fell in love with the healthy centre because its different from other healthy centres where you go and nurses shout and bark at you.

When it comes to hygiene, haaaa……what can I say, Faith Mulira is a very clean and organized centre in that it’s the first thing I noticed, it’s a credit, keep it up

The healthy centre is very cost effective and indeed has helped the people of Masooli, me inclusive. Doctors are available and really serve patients diligently, I salute you.

The only challenge I got was the fear to get labour pains at night when the centre is not operating but thank God it did not happen.
I and the entire community really appreciate your services and please continue serving us well.”

Thank you, thank you and thank you

Bringing health and hope to Masooli.


The Masooli Project, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization based in Simsbury, CT that provides funding and support for the operation of Faith Mulira Health Care Centre in Masooli, Uganda through private donations, planned events and related volunteer efforts.


The Masooli Project, Inc.

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